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Hey Ya'll what up? Well, this is my brand new beautiful webpage! This is a ever-changing website, so keep checking back for all new stuff! I'll have stuff like concert dates, interviews, and info about your fave guys! If I can start getting more traffic I'm gonna start monthly contests to win CD's, books, that kinda thing so tell all yer buddies! Please e-mail me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or info, and please sign the G-book! Stay 'N Sync! Peace Ya'll- Ami

UPDATES: OK, OK, I know it's been a while since I updated! Let it go! I'm workin' on it! Life has been hectic! There are several new storys in the Fan Fic section, so check them out! New pics are comin' soon!

Poll changed: January 20th

New album due out  March 21st! It's gonna be called No Strings Attached and it's gonna KICK! A new home video and official book is also due out sometime around then.

*NSYNC's newest single, "Bye, Bye, Bye" was released on January 12th! Call up your stations and request it! It rocks!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOEY ON THE 28th (He'll be 23) AND JUSTIN ON THE 31st (He'll be 19)!


Here's The Goodies! Enjoy!


The Good Stuff

This is the stuff you came to this page to find!

The Fun Stuff

Have fun! 'Cause after all that's why it's called the Fun Stuff!

The Stuff You Have To Know

The stuff you can't leave without checkin' out first.....



The Really Kewl End Of The Page


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~*~*~*N SYNC Style*~*~*~ It's a newsletter about the 5 greatest guys. It has tons of info, articles, contests, and much more! Please e-mail me at with the Subject: SUBSCRIBE ME NOW! Respond ASAP! Thanks a bunch! ~Megan~ Curly's Angel!!! :D The BIGGEST *N SYNC Fan in CT!!! :D


I am keeper of Joey's Superman contact lense!


Justin's Ebonics-Translator! Sayings Change Every 

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Click here to marry YOUR nsyncer! I, Ami, was married on February 20th 1999

I got married to:

*N Sync

...who cares if it's illegal in all 51 states... not I!

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